E-mail & Cloud

Total Privacy & Security


We believe in total privacy. Your email and files are stored in the cloud away from prying eyes. It is not even accessible by us. Manage your files and read your emails with complete and total privacy.


It is called cloud and for a good reason. Get access to your files and your email accounts instantly, no matter where you are in the world. It is extremely portable and does not restrict you to your office laptop or desktop.

Perfect Sync

Your files and emails will be in perfect sync on all your devices (laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, etc…). Want to share a file on all your devices? Just upload it to the cloud and it will instantly appear on all your devices in a fraction of a second*.

* Upload speed depends on your internet connection.

With our top of the line proprietary email software, you are guaranteed a “Spam Assassin” score of 9.5 and above, thus, ensuring all your emails land in your clients’ inboxes and never landing in the “Spam” folder.

With our servers, just jot something down on your laptop and see it reflect on all your devices or vice versa. This is good for copying text on your phone and getting it on your laptop.

Sync your contacts on all your devices and take them with you anywhere you go. They are regularly backed up to the cloud so you can access them from anywhere in the world.

Always stay on schedule no matter what device you’re on or where ever you find yourself. Access your schedules on the living room tablet, your bedroom computer or your phone.

With access to your own private email server, you can sign in from anywhere in the world. You can either sign in using the web browser, an email client or even from your phone.

What are you waiting for?