Peace. Harmony. Security.

File Security

At Ceylavi Technologies, security is our top priority. Secure your files, create an encrypted virtual drive on your local disk or thumb drive and automatically scan for malicious files with our top notch licensed security products.

Internet & Email Security

Surf the internet smoothly and comfortably, read your emails with ease, place orders and bank online with the assurance that there is a system running 24/7 in the background just to protect your online activities from prying eyes and unauthorized access.

Extensive Firewall

Get access to a firewall beyond anything you’ve ever seen. A firewall so extensive and so powerful, it protects your entire network with absolute fierceness. Your company will truly be protected from attackers and anyone with unauthorized access.


Be protected when you receive an email or even when you are on the web. Browse peacefully with no stress whatsoever and be rest assured that no matter how suspicious a website is, your computers will be protected.

What are you waiting for?